Why Book a Wine Tour, surely we can go ourselves?

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Wine Tours

Looking for the best wine tours Margaret River region offers?

Let us suggest choosing a guided wine tour over scouting the grounds yourself. While a self-guided tour gives you ample time, you aren’t aware of what you’re doing most of the time. Instead of wasting time and energy finding just one good wine to taste (if you’re lucky!), invest in a guided wine tour…Margaret River Star Class Tours spring to mind!

This is the only post you need to find out everything about the Margaret River wine tours. From planning the ideal day to tasting the wine—we’ll give you all the details!

That said, let’s look at how an eventful winery and/or brewery tour Margaret River offers looks like.

A Tasteful Wine Tour ItineraryCouple Private Charter Tour Margaret River

If you pick the Margaret River tour’s full-day gourmet wine and dine tour, you can expect the day’s schedule to start at around 9 AM!

From then, based on your selection, it can end after dinner or before sunset. How do you know what a good guided wine tour offers?

Well, here’s a brief itinerary of all the good Margaret river tours.

9 AM: Breakfast at a local bakery/restaurant.

11 AM: Visiting the winery location A.

12 PM: Tasting sample brews.

2 PM: Lunch in winery A.

3 PM: Visiting winery B for a tour.

6 PM: Tour of winery C.

7 PM/8 PM: Winemaker dinner at location C.

Any good wine-tasting Margaret River tour takes you across three wineries in a day. This allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful country setting and rich wines without rushing.

What You’ll Need?

Now that you know what to expect, know what to pack in your trusty backpack. While most wine tasting occurs indoors, don’t miss out on exploring the vineyards because you didn’t bring your sunscreen.

These things are a must when you are going for the Margaret River day tour.

  • A Sunhat and Sunglasses

You aren’t visiting an indoor facility and getting back home in an hour. Vineyards are often in sunny locations and you must carry a sunhat if you want to enjoy the trip. While you’re at it, don’t miss your sunglasses.

Otherwise, you’ll only be complaining about how hot it is and not be able to relish the wines.

  • Sunscreen

Put your sunscreen on!

Once you do, put it in the bag you’ll be taking with you. Make sure to have a lot of sunscreen at hand for kid-friendly wine tours Margaret River offers.

They are more like field trips and you will spend a lot of time exploring the beautiful vineyards.

  • Walking/Running Shoes

Ladies, high heels are a big NO…or at least wear a block heel, thank me later.

Save them for some other time. But while you’re on a guided wine tour, you will have to walk a lot. You could wear comfortable footwear when you leave for the tour so you don’t have to carry it with you.

But you can also carry a spare pair of shoes with you.

  • A Jacket

There are many amazing Margaret River private wine tours around the coast. The weather can be unpredictable and get chilly sometimes. So, don’t forget to carry a light jacket with you.

  • Water Bottle

While wineries provide water, you cannot be sure about getting water in the middle of a vineyard. It would be advisable to keep bottled water handy at all times, most wine tour charters will provide free water, like Margaret River Star Class Tours.

  • Snacks

What if the kids (or you!) get hungry between the tour?

Always pack sufficient food with you. And if you plan on bringing cheese or similar items don’t forget to get a cooler. 

  • Paper Map

GPS is well and good but what if there’s no network?

The guides for wine tours Margaret River region will be prepared with a map. But you should also carry one with you.

  • A Full Gas Tank in Your Car

Getting to wineries can be time-consuming. You’ll have to take several detours before you finally reach the winery.

And surprisingly, there aren’t many gas stations on such routes. So, fill up the gas tank beforehand.

  • A Cooler (or a Plan)

What if you fall in love there?

Well, with the wine of course.

How do you plan to ship it to your location?

You can’t just lug a bottle back with you in your car. Most wines change their taste after being exposed to temperatures higher than 80-degrees.

If you can get it shipped to your location by the winery, great. Check with them in advance or carry a cooler with you if you plan on buying wine from there.

  • Charged Electronic Devices

Wineries and Vineyards are beautiful. They make the perfect locations for clicking beautiful pictures!

But hang on, what if your phone runs out of battery?

You’re on one of the best private wine tours Margaret river has and you cannot click pictures to share with your friends. What a waste!

Fully charge all your mobile devices, cameras, and power banks before setting off. Carry your chargers in the backpack in case you need them.

The Benefits of Guided Wine Tasting

Now that you know the basics of Margaret River private tours, let’s see why you should get a guide.

No Homework!

A wine tour must be fun, if it becomes hectic what’s the point. You won’t enjoy it that way. Leave all the worries for the guide and focus solely on enjoying the tour with your family and loved ones.

While choosing a place to visit, you might be a pro in it. There are many best-rated farms you can visit but which one should you pick. You can leave it all to the expert!

Enjoying the Wine.

Once the experts have recommended the best wineries to visit in Margaret River, all you need to do is enjoy.

Another drawback of a self-guided tour is you cannot drink the wine!

Since you’ll be behind the wheel soon, you get the option of using the spittoon at wineries. Which you really should if you’ll be driving. But it’s a shame that you will be spitting out all the good wine.

So, it is always a good idea to take a guide with you to do all the spitting and driving.

Know Your Wines.

Do you know the difference between Cabernet and Merlot?

Can you spot French or American oak from afar?

How do you pronounce Sauternes? How about Gruner Veltliner? No? Pinot Noir?

Pronouncing the name of wines correctly has a huge impact on the wine tour experience.

Do you know why grapes grown in certain conditions are better for winemaking?

Well, the expert guides luxury wine tours Margaret River has, are all well-versed with these facts. Guided wine tours are way more informational and refreshing.

Get to Know the Local Culture.

Let’s visit the winery at 5!

We’ll meet the locals and have fun.

But when you reach there, everything is silent and there’s not a soul in sight. Your fun trip turns into a boring wine tasting with your server staring at your group until you finish the tasting.

To avoid this situation, make sure to choose a guided wine tour. They know the best places and when to visit them!

Enhanced Wine Tasting Experience.

From looking at the wine to sipping it, wine tasting is an art in itself. Tour guides have mastered this art with time and will help you to master it too.

They also tell you what notes to look for in a wine—cherry, plum, cigar, or something entirely different?

Family-Friendly Wine Tours will allow your children to unwind too!

Not with wine, of course. But with exciting activities and family-friendly locations.

How to Taste Wine?

You may not be a professional wine taster. But there are certain mannerisms of conduct you must know. Though the guides at premium wine tours will help you adjust, you can learn a few of them yourself!

Step 1: Capture its Appearance

The minute they start pouring the wine for you, the wine tasting begins. Even before tasting it, you need to visually evaluate it. Remember, there’s no shame in being vocal about your observations. It allows everyone to enjoy the wine tasting. If you know a few wine terms, even better.

Carefully take the wine’s appearance in with your eyes, then move on to the next step.

Step 2: Swirl, Smell, and Sniff

Hold the wine glass, give it a gentle swirl and bring the glass close to your nose. Take in the beautiful smell of the wine, don’t feel shy to sniff it.

This is a great way to get a hint of the notes before you drink the wine. But be careful to not spill the wine when swirling the glass. As we said, be gentle. 

Step 3: Taste It!

Finally, you can taste the tenderness of the wine in your mouth. Take a sip and detect the notes slowly. Don’t just chug down an entire glass without tasting the wine. This is what the Dunsborough wine tours are about. It’s wine, not beer. If you’re someone who likes beer, go for the beer tours Margaret river has to offer instead.