All You Need to Know About Using a Margaret River Driver Service

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Private Driver

Why Would You Hire a Margaret River Driver Service?

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Margaret River is world-renowned for its superb wineries, vineyards, and craft breweries. Several gin distilleries have also started to crop up in recent years, allowing guests to enjoy unique gin tastings, on-site tours, and dining options. 

Hiring a professional driver or tour operator allows you to enjoy fantastic wine, beer, and even a cocktail or two without assigning a designated driver. Your driver can navigate the region’s roads safely, ensuring you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Some of our favourite destinations include – 

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Hiring a professional and reputable Margaret River driver service can provide peace of mind if you’re unfamiliar with the area or uncomfortable driving on unfamiliar roads. Private drivers are trained to navigate local roads safely, reducing the risk of accidents or getting lost.


Hiring a driver eliminates worrying about directions, parking, or navigating. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery while your driver handles the logistics, not to mention enjoying some fine local wine, gin or craft beer. 

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Local Knowledge

A knowledgeable driver can provide insights into the region, including the best wineries and breweries to visit, hidden gems off the beaten path, and local dining recommendations. This knowledge can enhance your overall experience and help you discover Margaret River’s best attractions and venues. 

Group Transportation

Hiring a Margaret River driver service can be a convenient way to transport everyone together if you’re travelling with a group. Whether you’re attending a wedding, corporate event, or group outing, a driver can ensure everyone arrives safely and on time.

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What to Consider?

When hiring a Margaret River driver service, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right provider for your needs:

Reputation and Reviews

Research the reputation of the driver service by reading online reviews from previous customers. Look for feedback on factors such as professionalism, reliability, and the quality of service provided.

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Licensing & Insurance

Ensure the driver has the necessary licenses and insurance coverage to operate legally and safely. 

Vehicle Quality & Comfort

Consider the type and condition of vehicles offered by the driver service. Choose a provider that provides well-maintained and comfortable vehicles suitable for your group size and preferences. Some companies offer onboard entertainment, sound systems, fridges to keep your snacks and drinks cool, and even complimentary bottled water to keep you hydrated. 

Pricing & Transparency

Obtain quotes from multiple driver services and compare their pricing structures. Look for transparency in pricing, including any additional fees or charges that may apply. Ensure that the quoted price includes all necessary amenities and services. If you’re on a gin, wine or beer tour, check to see whether tastings and lunch are included in the price, as these items are generally an additional cost paid directly to the venue. 

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Experience & Knowledge

Choose a local driver who has lived and worked within the Margaret River region for several years. Experienced and professional drivers can provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your experience. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about wine, it also pays to choose a driver who has worked in local vineyards or has a qualification or certification such as the “The Wine & Spirit Education Trust”. 

Flexible Options

Consider whether the driver service offers flexible itineraries or special packages to suit your preferences. Whether you’re interested in wine tours, sightseeing, or transportation for a special event, choose a provider that can accommodate your needs. Most local drivers offering wine tours will allow you to design your itinerary but can also provide invaluable advice on the best locations to suit your group’s requirements and tastes. 

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Safety Measures

Inquire about the driver service’s safety protocols and procedures. Ensure drivers undergo background checks, drug testing, and regular training to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

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Customer Service

Assess the level of customer service the driver service provides, including responsiveness to inquiries, flexibility with scheduling, and willingness to accommodate special requests.

After considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can choose a Margaret River driver service that meets your needs and provides a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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How Much is a Margaret River Driver Service?

The cost of a Margaret River driver service can vary depending on several factors, including the duration of the service, the type of vehicle provided, any additional amenities or services offered, and the reputation or quality of the service provider.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour for a standard driver service in the Margaret River region. However, rates can be higher for premium or luxury services or if you require specialised transportation for events such as wine tours or weddings.

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Margaret River Driver Service from Star Class Tours

Star Class Tours Margaret River is owned and operated by Terry. After living and working in local vineyards for several years, Terry has been transporting groups throughout the region for over five years and holds a current certificate from The Wine & Spirit Education Trust. He’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a fun and humorous Margaret River driver service that will provide safe and reliable transport. 

Call Terry today on 0497 364 763 to discuss your requirements and secure a free quote for the region’s best Margaret River driver service.